Friday, April 17, 2009

R I P Kristin Nicole

I was called 2 weeks ago and told that the little girl who I watched when she was a Baby until 4 yrs old had passed away at 22 yrs. of age.

Her life was just starting and she was so full of life, it is still hard to think she is gone.
My heart goes out to her Mom who I know Kristin was her World as all of her children are, But Kristin was her first.

The World has lost some color with out this beautiful person Kristin Nicole 9/10/1986 -4/1/2009 in it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

R I P Ray 1-30-2009

My Second Father Ray has passed on and is no longer in pain. I have lost both my Second (Step) parents who have been in my life since I was very little. Things are going to be very different now when I visit Buffalo my beautiful Second Mom will not be there to talk to. When I take the trip to Florida my Second Father wont be there to play cards so I can take his coins.

Our Family has a very deep hole and it will take time to get use to this and the empty feeling that surrounds us.I have three sisters and many older nieces and a nephew who are all checking in on Dad (Grandpa) and Mom (Grandma) to help them get back on their feet and go on.

We have found our Dad an apartment that is close to 2 of my sisters back in Buffalo he moves in on Valentines Day. I will be glad when he is in his new place because the good old Peter Street is not like it was when we grew up and is just not safe for him to live there.

Mom will stay in her home that she has in Florida and my baby sister comes and visits everyday and so do her children. She has some adjusting to do with income but she will be fine. Time is what they need to heal in their own way.

Dor-Dor & Ray you are and will always be missed.