Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Know

I know you are gone and go on with my day. It’s when there is something on TV I reach for the phone to see what you have to say, I then remember I can't talk to you because you left this world.
I am getting by taking it day by day. It’s when the house is quiet and I feel something is not right that I think of you and reality strikes. It really is harder then I thought it would be even though we always talked about it many times since I was only a young girl. I would always tell you I didn’t know what I’d do without my Daddy and you would say that I would always have you just not in the same way. We would go to the place where you are now at rest and you would ask me if your letters that spelled your name where to big!! I would say they are fine Dad and we would just sit there and talk for hours it seemed. Then you would say with that smile on your face Denise (sometimes Kid) this is what it will be like but I will be in there taking it easy and sleeping.
Not many people talk about death but I am so glad we did because I don’t know how I would get on without you. When I walked in to the building of your resting place on that day it was a normal feeling and I did okay So Thank You Dad for helping me prepare for that day.
I was coming home in June as we had planned but I have changed plans since you have left. I will be there in July and I will have our puzzle books that you said we would do with me when I come to see you and I will sit there and try to finish one. You would be proud of me at how much better I have become at doing them.
Well DAD I just wanted you to know I am doing okay and I Love You.

You’re Denise

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Buddy

Miss You Dad.
I found this Picture and just had to Smile.. : )
This was taken on your birthday November 15th 1997. We ( Donna,Ed,You and I ) went to the Sabres game vs New Jersey. We bought you a pair of jeans (Dungarees to you) so you would stay warm.  I flew in from California and off we went to watch the game together in the new arena at the time plus we scored great seats.You really enjoyed it and we had fun even with the Sabres losing.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss You..

I am writing this to help myself heal so if I misspell words I am sorry.
I watched the Sabres game on Saturday and they won 7 - 1. I went to call you Dad and talk about the game and as I picked up the phone to call I remembered. I have some new words to add to the list of feelings.
Sad - still Very Sad.
Ache - Like I have been hit hard.
Numb - very much so.
Shock - it is final.
Confused - At times.

I must end now but I will write more soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Words of how you feel when you lose someone close.

Words of how you feel when you lose someone close. I know this is what I am feeling and things will never be the same with out my Father around. Life is different from now on and a piece of me is gone.
Sad very very Sad.
Lost - the world has become very big now.
Scared - what do I do who do I talk to.
Disconnected - The circle of our Family is gone, we will all still be close just a feeling I have since he is gone.

I have to stop for now but will write more soon.