Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adoption not happening

Me, my niece, nephew & son (the one with his hand out)

My husband and I have one Son and tried many years to have him. We finally did IVF and the second one worked in 2002 we had our son. We have since tried 5 more IVF'S but they did not take. We looked at adoption and decided to be Foster-Adopt Parents. We finished all of our classes in December 2007 and were happy we passed and were certified and we awaited a child.We picked this because there are children out there who just really need a place to call home and in our research we found Olive Crest they are a wonderful organization and we looked forward to working with them.
November 2008 - We received 2 matches but in looking into them they were not fits so we still have not had a placement in our home our Certification expires December 18th 2008 and don't think we are going for the re

This disappointment is harder than the failed IVF'S, I know I am very blessed to have my son he is a gift. I have 3 wonderful sisters who I am very close to and just wanted my son to have a special sibling bond as well.

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