Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R I P 2nd Mom 12-1-2008

R I P 2nd Mom 12-1-2008

On December 1st 2008 our family lost a very special person in our lives. Delores (Dor-Dor) was our 2nd Mom for 30 some years and will be greatly missed. She would of been 79 December 20th. Well I called her Dor-Dor since I was in diapers because I could not say her name and so Dor -Dor always stayed with me and even my son called her Grandma Dor-Dor. It was hard enough to fly home for the viewing and mass but it was really hard to see my dear Father break down. Here is a man who lost his best friend and Love of his life.

My Father and Dor-Dor to me were like two teenagers in love. He always would buy cards or stuff animals just because he loved her so. That kind of Love is very rear and I am so blessed to have seen it and grow up with it. I never liked the saying "Step Mom" so I always called her my 2nd Mom.

I will miss you Dor- Dor.

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