Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About me

Hello everyone my name is Denise. I grew up in Buffalo New York and Moved to S.California after High School in 1986. I have been here since but I sure miss the people, the food,going to Sabres Games & Canada for day trips. I have always loved Arts & Crafts and started making Jewelry 3 years ago when a good friend of mine Janet Curry of Laguna Beach introduced me to it. While shopping online for supplies I realized that on some sites you had to search so many different windows or you'd end up in the wrong place, That is when I had my online store created something simple and easy to find things Even my Mother can find items and she does not like computers.March 2007 went live.

2008 Update -

My husband and I have one Son and tried many years to have him. We finally did IVF and the second one worked in 2002 we had our son. We have since tried 5 more IVF'S but they did not take. We looked at adoption and decided to be Foster-Adopt Parents. We have finished all of our classes and I am happy to say we are now certified and we await a child.We picked this because there are children out there who just really need a place to call home and in our research we found Olive Crest they are a wonderful organization and we look forward to working with them.

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