Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Surprise 40th

I flew to Buffalo NY on Saturday to go to my sisters Surprise 40th Birthday party. I arrived on time and my sister from Florida was able to fly in as well so it was going to be the 4 sisters together again. The last time all of us were together was in 2003 so it was over due.

Everyone got to the house and waited for the Birthday girl to arrive and when she opened that door she was so Surprised.. Everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!!! She looked all around and was so happy and yes she was crying.I was up stairs with my younger sister waiting for everything to sink in and called her on one of the guest cell phones. I asked her if she was Surprised and she said yes, as I am talking to her we are walking down her stairs with everyone looking at her. I started to cry as I approached the last steps and told her to look around the corner she said what? When she saw me we just hugged and then she saw our baby sister from Florida and she just hugged us both for a long time.
The party was fun and we went swimming at midnight and just laughed the rest of the night until around 3:30 am.

While I was in Buffalo over the summer I remember my sister telling her Husband more than anything even a party she would want her sisters to be together. Well I am so happy it worked out because she is the most kind hearted person I know and she really deserved this .My Sis is not only my sister she is my Best Friend. Happy 40th !!!!

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