Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four Legged Friend

I know not everyone is an animal lover but some of us are and this is a story for them.
My sister has no children so her dog Maisy 8 years old is her pride and joy. First a little about Maisy and all her followers she loves cats,butterflies,and all the children on the block that come to her while she is on the front lawn, oh and the UPS guy who she likes. Maisy would do a summersault on the grass in the back yard trying to keep up with a butterfly. She loved people and listened so well.In March of this year Maisy got sick and developed a lump on her throat the vet did a biopsy and said she was fine. The next few days Maisy didn't get any better and the vet went on vacation so my sister took Maisy to a different Vet. Well it turned out that Maisy wasn't fine she had cancer but one that could be treated so for the next 19 weeks Maisy was going to receive Chemotherapy. The first treatment was bad and Maisy was sick but the following treatments went fine. I came to visit and could not believe how well Maisy looked and how she was like a puppy again. We took her every Monday for her treatment and she was as happy as could be. Before I left Maisy was done with the first half of her treatments she had no been feeling well so the held off until she was strong again. I left and said goodbye knowing in my heart Maisy was going to be that one dog that pulled it off and got better. Just so you know when a dog gets cancer some can be treatable but a dog will not go into remission but a few have lived for 1-2 years. Well after I left Maisy got sick and my sister did everything she could for her but I say this with a heavy heart, September 8th 2008 Maisy lost her battle with cancer.

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